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RPEL Video Gallery

Click below to view several video clips of the RPEL methodology at work. RPEL can calculate real time physics effects against vehicles and buildings from such threats as IED and small arms. In the videos shown below, the destructive effects of blast and fragmenting munitions from an IED and RPG detonation are demonstrated as well as the advantage of the RPEL Methodology over the Table based look up approach of the PKADS (Video 1) . All effects are shown in real-time with validated physics modeling. RPEL calculates the trajectory of fragments from the detonation source as well as the force of the blast wave against the target.

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Video 1:
RPEL Methodology vs. Table Based Look up Approach
Video 2:
IED detonation vs. HMMMV & MRAP


Video 3:
Building Damage from Multiple ied detonations
Video 4:
RPG attack against Coalition Convoy